Anna Maria Island

Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Anna Maria Island is a picturesque, vibrant, and beautiful location that welcomes millions of visitors from all over the United States. With its incredible beaches and crystal clear water, there’s no better location to go to if you’re looking for an escape from the trappings of civilization. You’ll find that there are several locations and reasons to visit, some of which we’ll be exploring today. 
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Bountiful Beaches 

There are no shortages of beaches to be found in Florida, and the ones that you’ll experience on Anna Maria Island are some of the most scenic and beautiful. Coquina and Manatee Beach are both accessible and have warm water to enjoy all year round. 

Communion with Nature 

While there are certainly locals who make their name on Anna Maria Island, the most popular consist of the wildlife. If you’re looking to commune with the animal kingdom, Anna Maria Island offers some of the best attractions. From bird watching and dolphin boat excursions, you’ll also have wildlife preserves to visit and admire.

Local Art & The “Old” Florida 

Anna Maria Island is one of the ultimate destinations for those looking to escape. Forget about the skyscrapers in Miami or the long lines of tourists in Orlando; here is where you’ll be able to enjoy a part of Florida that’s been perfectly preserved. There are three specific communities that are far removed from the concrete jungle of the city. As you explore these areas, you’ll be blown away by the craftsmanship of several local artists who are more than happy to display their wares.  

Natural Beauty 

One of the many things you’ll experience on Anna Maria Island is the many sights that cannot be replicated by man. No, these are the moments that take your breath away. Sitting at the waterfront, you’ll be able to watch the sunsets, which are exceptionally breathtaking and beautiful. Many tourists enjoy watching them while enjoying a meal at one of the many restaurants found on the island. 

Kayak More. Worry Less. 

There are many ways to explore Anna Maria Island and the surrounding areas. At Yak Shack Watersports, you’ll be able to commune with nature as you pilot a Kayak and take to the open water. From private rentals to guided tours, there’s no better way to explore the scenic beauty that Florida has to offer. For more information, visit us at