Do I Need a Guided Kayak Tour Through the Mangroves?

Every year, millions of people come to visit Florida. This is because of our beaches’ natural beauty; the sand and water are enough to attract visitors from all over the globe to partake in the natural beauty that’s to be found within our state. However, there’s another natural wonder that, while not as well known to the outside world, is just as breathtaking and incredible–the Mangroves. These saltwater woodlands that thrive in various estuaries can be found up and down the western coastline and exhibit natural wonders that cannot be found anywhere else. And, in order to experience their grandeur up close and personal, there’s no better way to do so than by kayak. 
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Limited Experience and a Lifetime of Memories 

Normally whenever kayaking is mentioned, it’s usually in conjunction with white water rafting in locations such as Colorado. Many people are reluctant to undertake expeditions such as these because of the danger and necessary experience that’s involved. Luckily for those of us who live in Florida, the tumultuous journeys of the rocky mountains are miles away, and the experience one needs to get up close to both the mangroves and wildlife associated with the area is relatively minimal. The currents in the water that’s adjacent to the mangroves are virtually nonexistent and can be navigated with minimal difficulty for a lifetime of memories that you won’t forget. 

Getting Up Close & Personal with Yak Shack 

If you’re interested in taking a tour of the mangroves in Florida but are concerned with your lack of experience in a kayak or concerned that you won’t have enough time to put aside for just such an adventure, you’re in luck. At Yak Shack, we believe in making these special experiences possible and affordable. Thanks to our guided tour of the mangroves, you’ll be able to experience this wonderful part of nature for the ultra-low price of $55. And when it comes to putting aside the time, you’ll be extremely excited to know that our tours last for two hours. That means you’ll have enough time to experience the wonderful world of nature and still have plenty of pennies left over to enjoy some of the fine dining and other sights of the area. 

Yak Shack 

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