Enjoying Kayaking With Your Friends and Family at Neal Preserve

At Yak Shack, we have a basic philosophy when it comes to providing the very best leisurely activity for our clients and customers: “Kayak more, worry less.” When it comes time to embark on an enjoyable outing with your friends and family, we want to be where you put your trust. Renting a few kayaks and exploring Neal Preserve in Florida is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the people in your life you value most. 
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The Benefits of Kayaking Together 

Spending time together is important for keeping our relationships strong and elevating our mental health by being around those who are important to us. And believe it or not, Kayaking is one of the best ways to accomplish all of these things. First off, we’re all guilty of not getting enough exercise and having some fun in the sun from time to time. Well, Kayaking accommodates both of these items. 

Because we all call Florida home, we’re all used to the sunshine that we get all year long. Now, here’s something that doesn’t get talked about that often. Spending time in the sun actually strengthens our bone structure and mental health. And when we’re with family and friends, the jovial feelings of being around one another are amplified. It’s also a wonderful way to explore Florida’s natural beauty in a new and exciting way. 

Things to Do on Neal Preserve 

While there’s no shortage of sights to be found on the Florida coast, one of our favorite locations is the Neal Nature preserve. Not only can you explore it via kayak with a group of friends, but you can also dock and go out and experience more of the breathtaking sights that the area has to offer. Experts agree that the hiking trails on the preserve are appropriate for all levels of skill and can be traversed in a short amount of time. Once you’ve wrapped up that part of your adventure, you can take a trip to the Sarasota Bay observation tower and watch the expansive sights that are certain to take your breath away. 


Whether you’re looking for a guided tour or a rental, or you’re thinking about getting your sea legs and experiencing the beauty and wonder of nature up close and personal, we can gladly accommodate you. For information on rentals and tours and a whole lot more, visit us online at yak-shack.com.