I Want To Go On a Kayaking Tour: Do I Need Previous Experience?

Every year, millions of Americans make goals to become more active and engage in physical activity. One of the best ways to accomplish this and experience the natural beauty of the outdoors is through kayaking. For those who have been curious about this physical activity that continues to grow in popularity, you might have a few questions related to how much experience you need before embarking. Today, we hope to answer some of them. 
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It’s Easy to Learn 

To answer the question that many people have, you don’t need any experience before disembarking on a guided kayak tour. Kayaking is relatively easy to learn, and most people get the gist of the activity within an hour or two of paddling. And while you don’t need any previous experience, it’s recommended that you have some knowledge of how to swim and a reasonable level of ability to engage in fitness. Kayaking is a physical activity, and you’ll be on the open water while doing so. 

Choosing the Right Trip Based on Your Experience Level 

While you don’t need any previous kayaking experience to go on a guided tour offered by Yak-Shack, there are some tours that require some previous time out on the water before embarking. While some of our guided tours consist of short distances and time, others are of longer distances, and we recommend that some experience be necessary. If you plan on renting a kayak, you should have a decent amount of experience, as the waters and weather in and around Florida can be unpredictable from time to time. 

What Do I Do If I Have No Previous Kayaking Experience? 

If you’ve never been on a kayak before but have a desire to get out and explore nature, you’re in luck! Our guided tours are inexpensive and provide you with a wonderful opportunity to get your sea legs. Once you’ve got a decent amount of experience under your belt and feel more comfortable navigating around Florida in a kayak, you can consider renting one for a decent amount of time and commune with nature up close and personal. 

Yak-Shack Watersports 

No matter what your current level of experience might be, we want you to experience the beauty of Florida in an exciting new way. From rentals to tours, we’re here to provide you with an enriching and rewarding experience. For more information, pay us a visit at yak-shack.com.