Neal Preserve

There’s perhaps no experience more liberating than journeying away from the trappings and confines of civilization and exploring areas of nature that are still undisturbed by man. Located near the Robinson Preserve and Brendenton Beach is the Neal preserve. Home of trials and sights that are easily accessible for novice and experienced hikers alike. Today, we’ll be shining a searchlight on some of the sights and activities that can be undertaken when you decide to visit. 

Sarasota Bay by Boat 

As the name suggests and as we previously mentioned, Sarasota Bay and its wonderful and scenic mangroves are accessible by Kayak. And when it comes to exploring the natural wonder of Florida by Kayak, Yak Shack is your best option. For only $55, you’ll be able to get not only up and close with the mangroves but also wildlife in the form of dolphins. With a new year quickly approaching, make a resolution that you’ll take the time to commune with nature. You won’t regret it. 

kayaking neal preserve

A Hike to Remember 

Many people wish they could go hiking more often. That said, many have busy schedules or simply think that they lack the necessary experience to navigate trails without getting fatigued or lost. According to the hiking website, the trek is ideal for those on a limited-time schedule and whose skills are at a novice level. 

The hike is estimated to last for less than an hour and is available year-round. (It’s also free.) There are three key points of interest that you’ll want to visit, each one with its own distinct characteristics that make them unique. 

The Sarasota Bay observation deck & tower will afford you a scenic view that will take your breath away, and it is an ideal spot to take a panoramic photo. You’ll have an excellent view of the mangroves, which you can also explore via Kayak. There are also several archaeological sites where you can take a moment to enjoy those who occupied the area centuries ago. 

Yak Shack Watersports

Whether you want to take part in one of our guided tours or rent a Kayak and explore at your own leisure, Yak Shack can accommodate both options. With affordable prices and boats of the highest quality, we allow more people to experience the divinity of nature up close and personal. If you’re looking to do some exploring, or you just want to see what we have to offer, give us a visit at