Seeing Manatees While Kayaking

There’s something truly wonderful and awe-inspiring when we get to commune with nature up close and personal. For those of us who live in Florida, we understand this all too well. With an abundance of animal and plant life right in our backyard, it’s impossible not to feel the lust to reach out and touch it. This is particularly true when it comes to the Manatee. Affectionately referred to as the “cow of the sea,” the opportunity to get up close and personal with this majestic creature is alluring, and this can be done through one of the most invigorating physical activities, kayaking

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Four Times a Year 

If you plan on a kayaking expedition to meet a manatee close up, there are actually four distinctive times of the year in which this can be done. 


The space that falls in between the months of December and February are the best times to interact with manatees. They tend to migrate to the Florida coast during this time of year to escape cooler climates, and they tend to congregate in large groups. 


While manatees tend to disperse during warmer climates, they can still be encountered during the spring. Navigating by kayak is much easier as the waterways tend to be less crowded. 


The summer is one of the more difficult times to go kayaking as the warm weather can make physical movements more difficult. Manatees frequent the seagrass beds during this time of year, and it’s easy to run into some of them during a summer excursion. 



The manatee migration begins during the fall, and this time of year means that there tend to be fewer tourists in the area, making the chances of more straightforward navigation and seeing a manatee much more likely. 


Be Respectful! 

This is the most critical piece of advice we have to offer in terms of kayaking near manatees. They’re wild animals and should be observed at a distance. It’s essential that we respect their space when they’re in their natural habitat. 


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