What to Expect on a Kayaking Trip Through Anna Marie Island

Millions of tourists flock to Florida each and every year. There’s an excellent reason for that. Our beaches and access to a variety of natural wonders make for an exciting vacation with memories that last a lifetime. Tourists and locals alike attest to the serene beauty of the state, and one of the best locations to visit is none other than Anna Marie Island. Experiencing the plant and wildlife up close and personal in a kayak is the way to do so, and today, we’ll be exploring some of the joys you can expect while doing so. 
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Because of Anna Marie’s unique location, there’s an abundance of wildlife that a kayak trip allows you to experience up close and personal. Dolphins, manatees, alligators, and a variety of birds are just a few examples of what you might be able to come into contact with.

A Living History Lesson 

There’s no shortage of interesting historical facts that are associated with the state of Florida. Anna Marie Island has its own lineage that dates back several decades. You’ll learn about prominent residents such as George Emerson Bean and the various locations that have their own unique backstories behind them. From the land to the water, there’s a great deal to learn about and enjoy. 

Experiencing Nature Up Close 

One of the reasons why kayaking around Florida is such an enriching experience is the abundance of natural beauty that’s found all over. Anna Marie Island contains miles of beautiful and serene shoreline and a multitude of mangroves that can be explored up close. For the botanist, several species of beautiful flowers and plant life dot the entire landscape, making any kayaking trip an enriching experience. 

Getting Away from Civilization 

Whether you call the suburbs or the city home, the concrete jungle can be constricting and stress-inducing. Absconding to the wilderness for a few hours in a kayak is one of the best ways to get away from it all. Experiencing nature allows us to take a few moments and appreciate the finer things in life that we sometimes take for granted or don’t think about during the day. 

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